MultiTracer is a Java application for displaying three-dimensional images and defining anatomic structures within these images. The tracings of structures can be saved in a format that facilitates review and revision, and the volumes, areas and lengths of traced structures can be computed. The traced structures can also be exported in the UCF format that is used by many of the tools in the UCLA Laboratory of Neuroimaging. These include tools for simple measurements (e.g., areas, volumes, lengths, width, surface areas, etc.) as well as tools that resample the tracings into surface meshes that can be analyzed and displayed.

Current Version

MultiTracer version 2 is now available. This page provides legacy documentation for MultiTracer version 1

The final release version of MultiTracer version 1 was May 22, 2005. You can verify that you have the latest release by checking the "About" menu item under the "File" menu.

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