Repairing a Badly Edited Image

Manual or automated methods for editing images sometimes include errors that can be touched up more quickly than they can be re-edited. MultiTracer allows regions that were incorrectly removed to be replaced from one of the additional images.

To repair a badly edited image

  1. Load the badly edited image as the first image volume
  2. Load the unedited version of the image as an additional image volume
  3. Select the correct plane and orientation
  4. Define a structure or use the default structure
  5. Trace the region that you want moved from the unedited image to the edited image
  6. Modify your original trace if needed
  7. On the control panel at the bottom of the main window, press the "Replace Here..." button
  8. On the unedited image, click the region where you want to replace the original image.
  9. Continue replacing or editing until you have the final result you want
  10. Save the first image volume

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Modified: January 18, 2003