Exporting Anatomic Traces as UCFs

MultiTracer version 2

The UCF file format is a format that is used by a variety of surface analysis tools in the UCLA Laboratory of Neuroimaging. MultiTracer does not allow exported UCFs to be reloaded for display or editing, so it is always a good idea to save the traces in addition to exporting them.

The names of the exported UCF files are determined by the names that were used to define the structures before tracing them.

To export UCFs

  1. From the "File" menu, select "Export Contours as UCFs"
  2. The UCFs will be exported to directories that are defined with respect to the directory from which MultiTracer was launched unless you have reset the working directory by selecting "Set Working Directory" from the "File" menu.

UCF files can be remapped into other files using the Automated Image Registration (AIR) package. The AIR programs reslice_ucf, reslice_unwarp_ucf and reslice_warp_ucf will transform UCF files.

UCF file coordinates are reported in the intrinsic coordinate system defined by the voxel ordering in the Analyze or NIfTI file and the positive x-, y- and z- sizes of the voxels. Any s-form or q-form transformation associated with a NIfTI file is ignored but can be applied to exported UCFs separately. The units will be the same as the units of the Analyze or NIfTI file.

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