This program will change the directory of the reslice target in the designated .air file while leaving the actual file name unchanged. This utility is designed to allow you easily update .air files in the event that you choose to move your original data to some new directory.


cd_air .air-file new-directory [foreign-path-separator AIR 5.0]

where the following definitions apply:
the name of the .air file
the name of the directory that now contains the reslice file specified in the .air file. (scanair can be used to identify the name of the reslice file specified in a given .air file).
AIR 5.0 the path separator used to separate directories from files on a foreign computer platform that uses a different separator from the local platform. For example, PC's use a backslash '\' whereas Unix systems use a forward slash '/' to separate directories and files. Thus when moving .air files from a PC to a UNIX system, a foreign path separator of '\' must be specified. As an additional complication, backslashes are escape characters on UNIX systems, so a double backslash must be used '\\' so that the first backslash escapes the second.


cd_air mri.air /data/experiment1/


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Modified: December 16, 2001
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