Loading a Reference Image

If you have a second image that is registered to the main image that you are tracing, you can load this image for simultaneous display within Tracer. This second image might be a different MRI pulse sequence, a PET study, or a scan similar to the first but from a different point in time.

The reference image will appear to the right of the original image, and tracings drawn on either image will be transferred to the other image. It does not matter which image you choose for tracing; the traces that you save will be the same in either case.

To load a reference image

  1. From the "File" menu, choose "Open Reference Image ..."
  2. Use the open dialogue to choose and open the image in the same way that you opened the original image
  3. If the reference image is not the same size as the original image, it will be unloaded and you will be notified of the reason.

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Modified: December 15, 2001