The Multitracer ShapeViewer Pluging

MultiTracer version 2

A MultiTracer plug-in is available for ShapeViewer. When points are picked in ShapeViewer, the plug-in will show the corresponding location in loaded MultiTracer volumes. If the shape being displayed in ShapeViewer is not encoded in the default intrinsic MultiTracer coordinate system, a .air file can be loaded into MultiTracer to remap coordinate locations. The plug-in can be downloaded from the same location as MultiTracer itself. You do not need to download MultiTracer to use the MultiTracer plug-in--the relevant code is all contained within the plug-in.

To load a .air file to remap coordinates, choose "Load Transformation" from the "File" menu. This menu is only active when MultiTracer is used as a plug-in. To revert to use of the default intrinsic coordinate system, choose "Unload Transformation" from the "File" menu.

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Modified: August 29, 2012