This program will average together a series of files. For a given voxel location, only non-zero measurements are averaged. Consequently, any voxel that is non-zero for any subject will allow an estimate of the mean.


softmean output overwrite?(y/n) scaling-suffix input-file1 [...input-fileN]

where the following definitions apply:
the name of the output file
'y' grants permission to overwrite output
the suffix of files that store scaling factors. Each input file may have a scaling factor file associated with it. These files should contain a single ASCII number that represents a multiplicative factor for converting voxel values into real world values (i.e., its units should be real world units/voxel unit). All scaling files must have the same units.
An equivalent scaling file will be created for your output file and will have the same units as your input rescaling files.
If all of your input files are scaled identically, you can use "null" as the scaling suffix and a value of 1.0 will be automatically assigned to all input files. Note that the output may still be rescaled.
the name of the first input file
the names of any additional input files


softmean mri_mean y null mr1 mr2 mr3 mr4 mr5 mr6 softmean pet_mean y .max pet1 pet2 pet3 pet4 pet5 pet6


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See also: Generic error messages
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