This program will reset the global maximum in the header of a 16 bit file to increase the number of significant figures retained if the file is loaded by an 8 bit version of the AIR package.

It will also optionally identify the current header file type (type 1, type 2, or type 3) and the current header global maximum.

Warning: If you have moved data from a big-endian machine to a little-endian machine (e.g., from a Sun to a PC) or vice versa, applying this program to the header file of such data will result in a failure to byte-swap the image data when loading it into AIR and other programs that use the header information to detect the need to byte-swap. You may be able to work around this problem by using the AIR program reorient to make a copy of the data (which will be fully byte-swapped during copying) and then applying this program the resulting header file.


setheadermax filename [max]

where the following definitions apply:
name of the 16 bit header file to be reviewed or altered
the maximum 16 bit pixel value represented in the file


setheadermax mri1 setheadermax mri1 18000


Error messages: (alphabetical by case)

See also: Generic error messages
setheadermax only modifies files with 16 bits/pixel; this file has ____ bits/pixel
value ____ is out of possible range for all header types

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Modified: July 22, 2002
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