Scott T. Grafton, Simon R. Cherry and John C. Mazziotta have been instrumental throughout the development of AIR providing support, encouragement, data, constructive recommendations and feedback. John D.G. Watson, Colin J. Holmes, and Nancy L. Sicotte have been active collaborators in the validation of subsequent versions.

Feedback and encouragement from groups using earlier versions of AIR contributed to the decision to make the software more widely available. John Watson, Ralph Myers, Richard Frackowiak, Jon Heather, Mark Mintun, Tom Nichols, Joel Lee, Tom Zeffiro and Tom Grabowski were especially helpful and supportive. Aiping Jiang, David Kennedy and their collaborators have played an active role in validating the use of AIR for fMRI data.

The decision to incorporate sinc interpolation in AIR was a direct consequence of Joe Hajnal's important work in this area. Chirp-z interpolation would not have been implemented had Robert Cox not brought this technique to my attention.

Bugs have been identified by Marco Iacoboni, Darren Emge, Kate Fissell, Tom Grabowski, Mark Evans, Greg Ward, Michael Mega, Edward Vessel, William Gandler, Jon Anderson, Hans Johnson, Adolf Pfeffer and others whose names I have misplaced.

Mark Evans provided detailed and helpful suggestions that should make AIR version 3.05 and later portable to PC's and Macintoshes without needing to modify the souce code.

At UCLA, Eric Behnke, George Branch, Rick Cai, Robert Knowlton, Michel Levesque, Larry Pang, Michael Phelps, Ron Sumida, Arthur Toga, Charles Wilson, and Jingxi Zhang all contributed time or resources helpful in the validation of the software.

Mirence Sibomana supports a CTI ECAT wrapper for AIR 3.0.

CTI (Knoxville, TN) provided use of a Sun SPARCstation used previously for software development.

Randy Frank provided example code illustrating the implementation of automatic byteswapping

Validation of the software has been supported by Department of Energy cooperative agreement DE-FC03-87ER 60615, National Institute of Mental Health grant R01-MH37916 and NIH-NINDS grant P01-NS15654, NIH-NINDS grant 1 K08 NS01646 and NCRR grant RR13642. Salary support during the initial rewriting of the software and documentation for widespread distribution was provided by a Fellowship from the Dana Foundation as a Dana Scholar in Neurosciences, and subsequent salary support was provided by NIH-NINDS grant 1 K08 NS01646. Ongoing support for software development and distribution has been provided by The Ahmanson Foundation, the Pierson-Lovelace Foundation and the Brain Mapping Medical Research Organization.

New development work for AIR 5.x has been supported by the NCRR (RR13642)

Modified: October 28, 2002

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