AIR References

Primary references

One or more of the following references should be cited in any paper based on data registered using the AIR package or programs utilizing the AIR library.

The original AIR manuscript validating the intramodality method implemented in AIR 1.0.
The method used for intermodality registration as implemented in AIR 1.0
Description of AIR 3.0 and validation for intrasubject, intramodality registration of MRI data and intrasubject, intramodality registration of PET data.
Validation of AIR 3.0 for intersubject registration.

Secondary references

The following references provide additional validation of AIR.

A comparative study using simulations that included AIR 1.0.
Validation of AIR 1.0 in the context of fMRI.
AIR MRI-PET registration validation in monkeys
AIR 1.0's MRI-PET registration technique in a comparative blinded study.
Use of AIR for intersubject registration of HMPAO-SPECT images.

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